Pt. Vishal Vrethray

(Ratan, Vastu, Yantra Specialist)

Sat as his stall surrounded by Shimmering Stone and Colourful Pandants Vishal says: combing astrology with gemstones is nothing new. This science has been around for thousand of year. The ancient Indian scholars believed that human receive cosmic radiation from planets that influence their attitude behavior and environment. They also believed that this planetary radiation has an impact on our psychological state and that gemstones exercise an electromagnetic influence over our body when they come in direct contact with the skin. 

believes that well matched astrological gemstone can create financial success, a happy marriage, romance, love and success in education career sports and general wellbeing .
He explain the human body contains carbon and metallic element that are also present in mental and cjewels that is why humans are vary sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.
Just as we need vitamins and mineral to meet our physical requirements we can also utilize different forms of invisible energy to spiritual and physical selves.

Gemstones have traditionally been used as a potent source of these invisible therapeutic energies. It is clear that Vishal knows what he is talking about he studies astrology for two and half year after finishing his bachelor of arts degree from Punjab University and has traveled extensively giving talks on trade.

All gemstones are different and a person need to go to an Astrologer who will make their birth chart based on the time, date and place of birth. Then armed with this information the astrologer can determine your zodiac sing your, ruling planet and the gemstones that will suit says Vishal who wear three big ring on the fingers of his left hand and huge pendant of nine different gemstones around his neck. 
But Vishal is quick to point out that it is not enough just were the gemstones he says they have to be specific to each finger. It has to be of a certain size if it is to have any effect at all.

You also get maximum benefit if you wear it at a time designated by your astrologer. Astrological gemstone should preferably be almost uncut, If possible be unheated, unpolished. They are intended as a remedy not as an ornament object.

Specialist Advice

Many people who want to wear stones to enhance their fortune or improve their health are reluctant to visit an astrologer, so go to a jeweler instead.
But Vishal says this is not a good idea because the two are completely different. "It's like telling the pharmacist your symptoms and expecting him to cure your disease," he says, "The pharmacist might be able to help you to a certain extent, but he can't take on the role of the doctor.

"Many people take advice from jewelers and wear a stone that does not suit them. This can have an adverse effect on them and sometimes be more negative than positive.

"Wearing the right gemstones can change your life beyond imagination. Gemstones are the essence of the earth's most concentrated from of cosmic energy and if you synchronise this with your horoscope it can create new dynamic energy within you. But if you get it wrong they can harm you," he warms.

He cites one example of the blue sapphire that can work very differently on different people. "If they suit you they can make your fortune, if they don't then they can destroy you," he says.

Vishal always advises people to test a gem on their middle finger for 24 hours before investing in it. He explains: "If no harm comes to them or they don't have nightmares then we ask them to war it but if something bad happens in those 24 hours we ask them never to wear it again. A blue sapphire is one of the most potent stones there is," he admits.

Education & Awards

Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Prabhakar, Jyotish Shastracharya. Astrologer , Numerologist, Gemstone consultant, Prashan Shastra Specialist. A leaner in the vast ocean of astrology.

Awards Achieved: Jyotish Kalnidhi, Jyotish Punj, Jyotish Alankar, Jyotish Martandya and Ratan Samrat.

Ambition Fulfilled

Vishal first became interested in astrological gemstones at a very early age. He grew up in a family where astrologers visited on a regular basis, and although his dad was a priest there was a side to him that enjoyed gems. "As a youngster I attended a lot of seminars on astrology and was just dying to dabble in this science myself. But my parents insisted I finish university before studying astrology," he recalls.

After graduating Vishal went on to study astrology at the prestigious Astrology Indrute of India. As well as studying for three years, he also attended seminars on astrology and traveled all over the country learning about stones.

In 1999, he set up his own astrological gemstone practice and today it is a very successful business, with customers from all over the world coming to him for advice.

Vishal sees people on a daily basis who want help with everything from health and wealth to love and fertility.

"Once three was this businessman those company was not doing very well. When i analyzed him I saw that his Saturn was weak so he was having a lot of problems dealing with people. I told him to wear a blue sapphire and within 40 days his business grew," recalls Vishal.

"Then there was this couple from north India, Who had been married for five years and could not have children. They came to me and I saw that their birth chart was weak. I gave them a yellow sapphire each and with in months they had a baby boy. They Still come to me now.
"I became an astrologer in order to help people and feel that is exactly what i am doing now," he says with a smile...


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